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Ohuka Red Devon Stud

Polled Bulls for Sale

Ohuka Earnest 179116006, a Graham Dyke bred medium sized bull that we have used in our breeding program.
He has left some outstanding calves.
This bull is very placid, and has excellent confirmation with minimal necking up. 

He is polled with scurs and no longer fits our breeding program.
Offspring can be viewed on farm by intending purchasers.

Asking $ 2650 + GST .

We have other 3 year old bulls for sale including 179116001
that has also good offspring that can be viewed.
There is also a nice polled Manu bull, bred by Wayne Aspin
as well as a polled Bongalabi Atlas bull, both without scurs.

These bulls will be sent to the works if not sold. Asking price is $ 2500 + GST.

Attached photo’s show him currently and as a 2 year old. The yearling bull is one of his offspring. More pictures on request.

Contact: Dirk Sieling
  Phone: 021 154 0123


Manu Red Devon Stud

Rising 2 year old Bulls for Sale

Here is a chance to purchase a lovely purebred Red Devon rising 2 year Bull. The Bulls are ready to go out to work for Autumn calving. We have several available a sample are shown in the photos

Born and raised on Central Taranaki Hill Country.
Reared on Mums for 10 months.

They are 174217167, 174217171, 174217174, 174217175,

Birth weight recorded, Well trained behind electric fence, very quiet and easy to manage.

BVD vaccinated with booster & tested Neg., 7n1 vaccinated twice, Herd TB status C10.

Contact: Jill and Steve
  Phone: 027 446 2793 or 06 762 8803


Manu Red Devon Stud

Cow with Calf at foot for Sale

We have available for sale a lovely cow Manu Quinella 174215143 with a heifer calf at foot born 25-01-19.

This lady is only for sale as she is out of season for us.

She will be ready to go back to the bull for autumn calving shortly.
Her calf is from our stud sire Manu Cutcmbe 174215141.

Closed herd with exceptions from other Red Devon studs

Very quiet and easy to manage. 7n1 vaccinated twice, Herd TB status C10.

Contact: Jill and Steve
  Phone: 027 446 2793 or 06 762 8803


Magnum Red Devon Stud

Red Devon Stock for Sale

A selection of 15 to 16 month old Bulls and Heifers for sale,

Contact: Evan Oliver
  Phone: 022 151 4344

Docile Devons

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