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Hau Hiwi Red Devon Stud

Bull for Sale

HAU HIWI 16-1601 H A2A2 (H)

He is a horned (A2A2) rising 3 year old, a quiet bull wanting some work! 
Inbreeding index (from Breeders Assistant is 2.3%).

Has a background of Te Maewa on the sire side and Tapuwae on the dam side.

Used over dairy herd last two season’s – no calving issues at all.  Live weight was 880kg July 2019 so cannot be used over dairy herd now and too closely related for use over our Devon cows.

Both dairy and Devon herds have been closed for over a decade (except semen used for A1 and import of last Devon herd sire bull being in 2015).  Both farms have good biosecurity fences with neighbouring properties.  Last dairy milk test was negative to M bovis.

 -  C10 TB for both dairy and beef herds

 -  BVD virus tested negative, BVD vaccinated 2018 due again now
    Leptospirosis vaccinated July 2019.

Also have semen from Hau Hiwi 09-905 for sale.  $15 + GST.  HAU HIWI 905 A2A2 (S)

Contact: Greg & Louise McConnell
  Phone: 0274 383 522 or 027 237 9221

Ohuka Polled Red Devon Stud

Two Year Old Polled Bull for Sale

Ohuka Pride 179117017, he was the pick of the 2017 crop of bulls and held back from sale as a reserve stud bull.  Polled, BVD tested and vaccinated. Very placid.

Ohuka Pride brings together the Tinopai and Te Maewa bloodlines with Isca Quixote in the back ground.  He weighs 600kgs, the photo was taken a year ago.

$2450 + GST

Contact: Dirk Sieling
  Phone: 021 154 0123

WillsNet Red Devon Stud

Stock for Sale

Rising 2 bull; tag 55.
He is scurred polled.  Now weighs 554kg and may grow to 700kg when fully mature.

7 Yearling bulls; tags 68, 71, 72, 73, 76, 77, 78; born mostly September 2018 but one born earlier in July.

2 Rising 2 heifers; tags 64, 66; weight approx. 350kg each
Yearling heifer; tag 69, born July 2018, weight 284kg.    

Rising 2 steer tag 67; weight approx. 350kg

Weaned after 6 to 7 months Docile with calm temperament; easy to move and transport;
seaweed calms them more

Bulls tested negative for BVD; Herd TB status C10

Closed herd with options to transport directly to the buyers’ farm
Checkout our Webpage for our farm profile and farming methodology

Contact: Don & Jeanette Wills
  Phone: 06 375 8589
  WillsNet Stud


Docile Devons

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