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WillsNet Red Devon Stud

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Rising 2 bull; tag 55.
He is scurred polled.  Now weighs 554kg and may grow to 700kg when fully mature.

7 Yearling bulls; tags 68, 71, 72, 73, 76, 77, 78; born mostly September 2018 but one born earlier in July.

2 Rising 2 heifers; tags 64, 66; weight approx. 350kg each
Yearling heifer; tag 69, born July 2018, weight 284kg.    

Rising 2 steer tag 67; weight approx. 350kg

Weaned after 6 to 7 months Docile with calm temperament; easy to move and transport;
seaweed calms them more

Bulls tested negative for BVD; Herd TB status C10

Closed herd with options to transport directly to the buyers’ farm
Checkout our Webpage for our farm profile and farming methodology

Contact: Don & Jeanette Wills
  Phone: 06 375 8589
  WillsNet Stud


Docile Devons

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