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  • Champson Defender calves arrive on the ground in New Zealand.

    This spring has seen the first crop of Champson Defender calves arrive on the ground in New Zealand.  The 10 calves, 5 bull and 5 heifers were all born unaided on 3 different farms.  First impressions are very favourable, the calves exhibit strength, ooze breed character, and appear to have the potential to be very efficient beef producers. 

    It is interesting to note Defender's sireline of 'Whitefield Mighty Progress', also produced both the champion and top priced bull, as well as champion female from the Coxwell herd, at the UK Devon Cattle Breeders 2018 Autumn Show and Sale.

    For those who are curious to know more about Defender, you will find much more information on the website;

    STOP PRESS 150 straws of Defender has just been purchased for export to America from the UK.

  • Dairy Farmer October 2018;   Red Devons ideal
      -  By Dirk Sieling, Dairy Farmer October 2018

    The Red Devon has all the attributes to make a significant contribution to the NZ meat industry but it is important that only quality purebred bulls are used. That is where buying from association members can provide confidence for buyers. All registered bulls are purebred.

  • A visit to APD Farm in Warrenton during the world mini tour in the USA
      -  By Becca Pizmoht, Virginia Correspondent; Lancaster Farming

  • In photos: inside a grass-fed farm in the UK
      -  By Andrew Wasley, Katharine Quarmby, and Nigel Akehurst; The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

  • Help protect your farm from M. bovis   -  DairyNZ Ltd Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • DairyNZ's Readiness and Response Manager Chris Morley discusses what you can do to help reduce
    the risk of diseases, weeds or pests entering, spreading or leaving your farm and
    answers questions from farmers.


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  • Congratulations to Lee and Brian Askew
    Winners of the Farmers Markets New Zealand 2015 Winter Food Awards, Tastiest Produce from the Butchery Section and Runner Up again in 2017 with Fillet Steak in the
    Farmers Markets New Zealand 2017 Winter Food Awards, Tastiest Produce from the Butchery
    Another fine example of how versitile Red Devon Cattle are at producing tasty beef.

  • Looking to the Future     By Ilona Hanne
  • 2015 Steak of Origin     By Ilona Hanne
    1st: Forbes & Angus Cameron, Ashhurst (Angus), processed at Land Meat
    2nd: John & Joss Bayly, Paihia (Angus), processed at AFFCO Moerewa
    3rd: Alistair Sharpe, Waihi (Angus), processed at Auckland Meat Processors/Wilson Hellaby

    4th: Karen & Bob Schumacher, Inglewood (Red Devon), processed at Land Meat

  • Red beef by word of mouth  By Sonita Chandar
  • Red Devon Association visit 2014  
  • Red Devons like it tough  Country-Wide Heartland Beef
  • Throughout a decade of turbulent weather, Leslie and Jill Kellick have seen enough to be convinced their Red Devons are the ideal cattle for the hard hill country northeast of Wanganui.

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