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April 2019 Newsletter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

Council is working hard on the planning for the World Conference 2020. We have contracted AgriTravel again to organise this event for us. They are familiar with what we need having done the previous two for us. The tour starts in Wellington on February 4th, finishing in Auckland on February 16th. The flyer which will be in the Bulldust is also in this newsletter. As always it is challenging trying to showcase our cattle, country and people in a short time frame with reasonable costs. We will have all of the details at our AGM for members. It has been encouraging to see the increase in our membership of studs with larger numbers of cattle. (Read More)

Karen Schumacher

December 2018 Newsletter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

Within this newsletter you will find plenty of wonderful photos from Arthur who attended the mini tour in the USA. Thank you for sharing these with us. Any of the World tours or mini tours are a great way to meet international breeders and provide opportunities to learn. In 2020 New Zealand will be hosting the next World conference. At our last Council meeting we agreed to the month of February. Planning will start in earnest after the holiday break to develop the itinerary. I encourage you all to support this. (Read More)

Karen Schumacher

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