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August 2017 News Letter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

Time is flying this year. I know a number of you have started calving, I hope it goes well for you all and that the continuing wet weather does not affect you too much. We are lucky that our cattle are so hardy, one of their great traits.

A thank you to those who attended our AGM. It is always good to catch up with members and to share information. The herd visits were also great and I appreciated the hospitality. We continue to work towards obtaining a wider mix of overseas bloodlines into NZ. This has proven to be challenging, yet we are making progress. We have bought two different lots of semen and are working to purchase two others. I will keep you updated on our progress.
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Karen Schumacher

April 2017 News Letter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

I have been re-reading the rainfall figures I shared with you in the last newsletter and thought I would start with an update. For the year of 2016 we had 3779.5 mls of rain, yes that’s 3.779 metres. So far this year the rain continues – Jan 437 mls; Feb 291.1mls; March 184.5 mls and April up until the 6th 196 mls. Which is already over 1 metre for the year. Please someone turn the tap off.

Demand continues to outstrip supply for Red Devon cattle which is great for our members. I would encourage you to think about the prices you are putting on your cattle. Many are finally receiving a premium which is an indication of true demand. The dairy industry is buying up many of the bulls which bodes well for the beef industry, but not so good for our stud cattle as these bulls do not have performance recording to allow us to see the true benefit of the cattle. (Read More)

Karen Schumacher

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