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April 2017 Newsletter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

It is encouraging to see we have a number of new members and in particular that the Aspin stud has remained within the Association. I am receiving a steady number of enquiries from potential members and from people wanting to buy cattle. This shows our breed is gaining wider recognition for its fantastic attributes.

It is also a reflection of the changing world of the consumer who are asking questions about where their food is coming from. My congratulations to Lee Askew, her work and the DVD which tells her story is an inspiration.
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Karen Schumacher

December 2017 Newsletter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

What a challenging year weather wise it has been. The rain never stopped for most of the year, then once it did the wind has just blown. I hate to mention that we need some rain!

The demand for Red Devon bulls continues to be very strong. The dairy sector has been chasing every spare bull in the North Island. At the recent bull sales in Taranaki, two of the on-farm sales had Red Devons category listed and there was good competition for them. A number had been supplied by our members. While this is excellent, it does mean we are losing animals out of the Association.
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Karen Schumacher

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