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December 2019 Newsletter

President's comments.

Dear fellow Devon breeders,

Your Council has been quite active since the previous newsletter.

Following the cancellation of the world conference we have decided to not run a mini tour as some concerns were received that a mini tour could impact the US World Devon Congress in 2023 which will celebrate 400 years of Devon breeding in the US. The first bull and three heifers arrived there on the ship Charity in 1623.

Brendon Barnes from Suhail Stud has been co-opted as committee member, following Karen’s resignation. In accordance with the constitution he has not been given voting rights. We have set up a number of work streams with a lead provider for each work stream and I am in a supporting role for each lead: (Read More)

Dirk Sieling

October 2019 Newsletter

President's comments.

Hello everyone,

Performance recording is crucial to reliable EBVs and your Council wants to see more of our breeders collecting data and entering these on Breedplan. Entering data electronically can be challenging initially and in the next newsletter Heughan will provide some guidance on how to go about this. Maggie is taking over my work of looking into establishing a DNA database for the benefit of our members. Brendan is putting together an improved induction package for new members. Not to be confused with Brendon Barnes who has been co-opted as a non-voting committee member. I look forward to his input. (Read More)

Dirk Sieling

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