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Kaweka Solo Red Devons

Welcome to Kaweka Solo Red Devon Stud -


Lindsay and I tried a variety of breeds before we settled on the Red Devons. Their temperament and easy birthing initially won us over.

Our beautiful Red Devons are hardy, amiable, easy birthing animals. We believe in a hands on approach, so we yard and weigh our animals regularly and keep things stress free for them, by not using dogs or bikes. The call of our voice is all that is needed to bring them to us.

We sometimes struggle to keep the weight off our lush girls as they are amazing converters of any sort of pasture into weight gain. Great for growing heifers and bulls/steers.

We are not organic but believe that keeping our animals well fed, content and stress free, contributes to an animal that is easy to handle.

We would like to see more lifestylers using these lovely animals - even using a Red Devon bull across other breeds produces an animal with the most amazing hybrid vigour.
Also,once you have tasted Red Devon meat, you will not use any other animal.


Number of Cows
9 cows 9 heifers

Number of Stud Sires

Size and contour of farm
17 Hectares

Natural or AI mating
Both AI and Natural


Three month old Red Devon calves


Kaweka Solo Red Devons

Lynda Jones

Phone: 06 839 5911

(updated January 2017)

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