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Ohuka Red Devons

Welcome to Ohuka Red Devon Stud -

Our stud is run alongside our dairy operation and produces low birthweight easy calving docile polled bulls, purpose bred for dairy heifer mating. As an extension to that, Ohuka Stud also aims to supply other breeders with stud bulls exhibiting these qualities.

Our autumn calving base herd was initially sourced from Te Maewa and Tinopai. With the retirement of Wayne and Trish Aspin from Tinopai stud an opportunity arose to acquire some of its top animals including BA Ryda 172914030, pictured, a beautiful docile proven bull with ideal EBV’s who is a son of the well known Australian polled bull Bongalabi Atlas and Tinopai’s top cow Ryda 723. We also purchased a promising calf, VJ Awhitu 172917037, from the same dam and another Australian polled bull, Vix Jurasic.

BA Ryda at 3 years, a top bull bred by Wayne Aspin

Other stud bulls used are Tinopai WT 1431, Ohuka Earnest 179116006, pictured, who showed the most rapid weight gain, and Ohuka Anton 179116001, also bred from Te Maewa stock. To date all matings have been natural but we will consider AI when semen becomes available that fits in our breeding program.

Tinopai VJ Awhitu at 6 months of age,
with his dam IQ Rida
Two young heifers bred from Te Maewa stock

Ohuka Stud runs about polled 25 Red Devon cows on the hill country alongside 600 dairy cows and their replacements. Two stud bulls are used. The farm includes over 700ha and is on the Whitianga town boundary.

Ohuka strives to constantly improve its herd with the characteristics that Red Devons are known for. We see a great opportunity for dairy heifer mating with bulls that minimize calving problems and produce a polled dairy beef calf that grows fast, is quick maturing and produces quality beef. Dairy beef will be an increasing component of the NZ beef industry and the reputation of the Red Devons as suitable sires relies on purpose bred animals whose reliability is backed up by proven breeding.

We lease bulls and sell stock privately all year round with most sales occurring in September. Returning customers book our bulls 12 months in advance.

All enquiries are welcome and we love to show you around our animals

To contact us email or phone Dirk on 021 154 0123


(updated October 2017)

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