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    Stud Profiles


Wickton Red Devon Stud

Welcome to Wickton Red Devon Stud
We recognise Red Devons as being one of the few traditional beef breeds that has remained true to type and ideally suited to our AsureQuality Certified Organic Farm.  (More)


Te Wairere Red Devon Stud

Welcome to Te Wairere Red Devon Stud
Our aim is to maintain the attributes of the quality stock promoting their docile temperament, maternal instinct, easy calving, good growth rates, length and dark colour, to our local farming community. (More)


Kaipapa Red Devon Stud

Welcome to Kaipapa Red Devon Stud
Established in 1982 using polled stock from both the Mahoe Stud of Reg Boyd and the Gilbred Stud of Darcy Gilbred. (More)



Ohuka Polled Devon Stud

Welcome to Ohuka Polled Devon Stud
OHUKA stud is breeding a polled herd to supply bulls for sale and/or leasing to the dairy industry as terminal sires and for dairy heifer mating alongside our dairy operation (More)

Ohuka Red Devon Cattle Stud

Monte Pahu Red Devon Stud

Welcome to Monte Pahu Red Devon Stud
Red Devon cattle are the perfect match for our farm topography, our climate and our lifestyle. (More)


Devand Red Devon Stud

Welcome to the Devand Red Devon Stud
Devand Red Devon stud was formed after the purchase of an Isca bull.   Our aim is to produce easy calving, fast growing cattle with good structure (More)


Millstone Red Devon Stud

Welcome to the Millstone Red Devon Stud
Millstone Stud was formed with the registration of approximately 30 heifers and cows (More)


WillsNet Red Devon Stud

Welcome to the WillsNet Red Devon Stud
Biodynamic farm principles guide us (More)


 Hau Hiwi

Hau Hiwi Red Devon Stud

Welcome to the Hau Hiwi (Windy Ridge) Red Devon Stud
A quiet hill top retreat where we are developing a herd of A2A2 Red Devon Cattle. (More)

Rannoch Meats

Rannoch Meats

Interested in Red Devon Beef?

Rannoch Meats produces top quality meat direct from our farm in Greytown to you. At wholesale prices you can get top quality meat in bulk. Our mission is to provide top quality beef direct from our farms to you. (More)

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