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WillsNet Red Devon Stud

Welcome to the WillsNet Red Devon stud -
Some years ago we adopted the Weston Price diet.
With train commuting it allowed us to buy rural in the Wairarapa.
Biodynamic farm principles guided us initially. Organic produce and avoiding processed foods led us to homeopathic animal and human health remedies, and the application of biological fertiliser containing 15 minerals. The pasture's red clover suddenly flourished improving our health and production. We avoid urea (nitrogen) and we don't apply toxic materials to our soil, pastures or animals.
We also drink raw milk from our 2 jersey cows who recently calved.

Stud Aims.
We have grown the herd over 4 years buying 10 breeding cows and a bull.
We have sold 4 bull calves as store animals and sold 3 rising steers for meat.
The second bull allows us to exchange the heifers from each sire. We maintain a balance between stock and available pasture by culling either older cows or the rising 2 animals. Our aim is to regenerate the soil, increase humus (carbon), add pasture diversity, and grow healthy animals.
We have bought and sold stock from registered Red Devon breeders.
We are not actively buying or selling.

Number of Cows
Fourteen breeding cows
Four rising 2 heifers ready for the second bull
Six heifer calves

Number of Stud Sires

Size and contour of farm
A small farm with flats for hay and baleage, and hills for giving us and the stock exercise.

Other farming Activities
Pigs, chooks, sheep, dairy

Natural or AI mating
Natural for the Red Devons, AI for the Jerseys.


WillsNet Red Devon Stud

Don and Jeanette Wills


Phone: 06 375 8589


(updated September 2016)

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