Red Devon

For Dairy Farmers

  • Try a DOCILE RED DEVON BULL once and never look back
  • Better beef – fewer calving problems!
  • Bred for ease of calving, most calves weigh between 32 and 38 kgs and have small shoulders, you’ll have more live calves and less vet bills
  • Suitable for heifer or cow mating, the high fertility devon bull gets on with the job, mating 65 to 70 cows in a season and leaving you with fewer empties
  • Placid in the yards and through the cowshed, just remember to make sure you don’t put the cups on them!
  • The dairybeef cross calves are docile with solid colours, cross breeding with Friesians produces solid black calves and with Jerseys they come out red. The calves take to milk feeders readily
  • The resulting progeny produce early maturing quality marbled beef from rapidly growing calves that will do well on the toughest of country
  • Poll genetics available

No breed has a purer genetic base than the Devon and breeders will continue to ensure the genetic integrity and stability of the breed. 

The hybrid vigour noticeable in your calves is a direct result of the long time purity of the registered Red Devon bulls used over your dairy herd.

Dairy beef is the future of New Zealand beef. Cash in on the early calf premium by getting your dairy heifers in calf to an easy calving Red Devon beef bull. Carry over the yearling Devon bulls you use over the heifers for tailing off the herd next season. You will be surprised how easy they are to manage.

Avoid crossbreds and look for purebred bulls on the sales page from a registered breeder on our breeders page.