Red Devon

For Lifestylers

Easy Care Red Devons

  • Temperament
  • Calving Ease
  • Carcass Quality
  • Hardiness
  • Mothering Milking Ability

All breeders, dairy farmers and stock truck drivers will testify to the docile temperament of the medium sized Red Devon breed. 

This is why lifestyle, small block and semi-retired farmers are especially attracted to the breed. 

Docility and intelligence, as well as muscling ability were basic requirements when they were used as draft animals. They are very easy to handle with less stress and can soon be taught to eat out of your hand.

Their quiet temperament means less maintenance work on yards and fences and they are easy to contain behind an electric wire or tape.

These traits are equally important in their role of producers of quality beef. 

Their temperament has a favourable effect on the ph of the animal at slaughter. 

Red Devons have small vigorous calves, providing trouble free calving. 

Average birth weight of calves is 35-36kg. 

For this reason, Red Devon bulls are a popular choice for farmers calving heifers, of all breeds, both beef and dairy. 

This means more live calves on the ground and fewer vet bills. 

Early maturing Red Devon beef is well recognised and of the finest eating quality, with whiteness of fat and good marbling which enhances the taste.  This is “gourmet beef”.

Red Devons are a hardy breed with the thickest hides of any cattle in the world. Because of this they have better resistance to external parasites and, are well able to withstand extreme weather changes and extremes of temperature. 

Their robust constitution enables them to flourish in many different environments. 

Their red coat colour helps to protect them against the sun, and red eye pigment helps to prevent cancer eye, an increasing problem for many breeds. 

They are also well known as one of the Bos taurus breeds with the greatest tolerance to bloat.  This means healthier, tougher, more profitable cattle.

Red Devon cows have excellent mothering ability, compact problem free udders and calves have one of the highest survival rates to weaning. 

They are renowned for high milk production resulting in heavy calves at weaning. 

Bull calves average 1.2 kilograms per day from birth to weaning and heifers 1 kilogram. After weaning these cattle will go on to thrive and finish early on country where other beef breeds will struggle.

Red Devon cows are capable of weaning calves at half their own body weight and still being in fat condition, can be wintered below maintenance feed levels until a few weeks before calving again. 

In other words, using the body condition gained in times of plenty to survive the winter period.  An easy-care system.

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