Red Devon

For Lifestylers

Learn more about the general advantages of Red Devons, with evidence of how they are advantaged over other breeds and how those genetics were developed and nurtured.

Here we discuss why Red Devons suit a low-input Liftestyle property

  • Low input requirements
  • Few vet call outs
  • Remarkably good meat
  • Quality milk
  • Stock tolerant of most any New Zealand environment

Which is achieved with greater ease through

  • Agreeable temperament
  • Ease of calving
  • Ability to forage across a wide range of pasture types
  • Strong Mothering and Milking Ability
  • Longevity
  • Resilience across extreme weather and environmental ranges
  • Genetic Integrity

Are you looking for independent stock that can generally take care of themselves, are smart enough to work with you, and docile enough to be handled with limited experience? You can have Red Devon eating out of your hand in a matter of weeks!

Lifestyle, small block and semi-retired farmers are especially attracted to the Red Devon breed. Several long term members of the Association started with no knowledge of stock handling and no background in farming. Every member appreciates the mellow attitude of these gentle characters. Those who had extensive experience with stock throughout their career now hold Red Devon to enjoy the finer aspects of stock management.

Red Devon beef is well recognised as some of the finest eating quality, with whiteness of fat and good marbling which enhances the taste.  This is “gourmet beef”. Their temperament has a favourable effect on the ph of the animal at slaughter. Docility and intelligence, as well as muscling ability were basic requirements when Red Devon were used as draft animals. 

Their quiet temperament means less maintenance work on yards and fences and they are easy to contain behind an electric wire or tape.

Red Devons have small vigorous calves, providing trouble free calving.  Over her first six years with a Red Devon herd, ranging from 5 to 10 cows each year, one member who had never ever been exposed to a farm before encountered only one complicated birth.

Red Devons are a hardy breed with the thickest hides of any cattle in the world. Because of this they are well able to withstand extreme weather changes and extremes of temperature. Their robust constitution enables them to flourish in many different environments. 

Their red coat colour helps to protect them against the sun, and red eye pigment helps to prevent cancer eye, an increasing problem for many breeds. They are also well known as one of the Bos taurus breeds with the greatest tolerance to bloat.  This means healthier and tougher cattle.

Red Devon cows have excellent mothering ability. They are renowned for high milk production resulting in heavy calves at weaning. 

The Red Devon Association offers a supportive community with like-minded practitioners looking to work with and enjoy the land with good return to reasonably modest efforts.

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