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2 year old bull - Branwell

Breeder: Monte Pahu
Type: Rising 2 Year Old Bulls
Available for $2400 + GST based central North Island, contact Helena Barrio at Or call/text 021 1338041

Registered R2 bulls for sale

Class: Male registered breeding stock
Breeder: WillsNet
Type: Yearling Bulls
These were Don's best yearling bulls ever; weight gain impressive, well behaved with great temperament. $2000 + GST
Bulls pictured a year ago in April 2022 when they were at 350kg. All cleared 500kg by 2023 and 7 are available now, 4 only until June 6. Bull 121 on the far right of the image has been sold. Stud is Willsnet, learn more at or contact Don for further information or