Red Devon

Why Breed Red Devon

The definitive beef breed.

Red Devon cattle produce top quality beef. 

They have qualities that are of great value to the modern commercial beef system, the dairy industry, and lifestyle farmers.  In today’s economic climate with increasing farm running costs, increased cost of feed, and changing weather pattens worldwide, operating a more efficient unit is paramount.  Red Devon cattle have always been regarded as one of the most efficient breeds available and this has been proved by numerous cattle trials throughout the world, some dating back hundreds of years. 

With consumers globally increasingly demanding to know the provenance of their food, grass-fed beef is undergoing a renaissance, and the Red Devon is very quickly becoming more recognised as the breed of the future. Nowhere is this more so than in America at present, with herds the width and breadth of the country infused with New Zealand Red Devon grass-fed genetics.  These docile low-input cattle produce well marbled, tender and succulent beef. 

Red Devon cattle are extremely efficient, medium sized beef animals, with cows weighing approximately 650 kilograms and bulls around 1000 kilos+.  They have a deep ruby red coat. The Red Devon was originally a horned breed, but polling has been introduced over the years.  They are generally a well-muscled breed, but do not possess the extreme muscling of some of the exotics.