Red Devon

November 2021 Newsletter

Given all that is happening in the world at the moment, a bit of a moan about the weather doesn’t really rank up there in terms of grievances. It is bliss to turn off devices and connections to the world and enjoy the peace sometimes.

July 2021 Newsletter

It is my turn to provide a newsletter for July and update Council activities. We are working on some promotional advertising, this year targeting the dairy sector, to generate interest in using Red Devon bulls as dairy beef sires.

February 2021 Newsletter

With 2020 been and gone New Zealand entered into 2021 in a blissful state of ignorance. Nothing could stop an incredibly stressed population who had endured lockdowns, uncertainties and financial turmoil from enjoying a “typical” kiwi summer. While Covid-19 ravaged overseas economies, and much of the developed world experiencing prolonged lockdowns, New Zealanders took to …

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