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Welcome to the WillsNet Red Devon Stud

We are not organically certified but we follow organic principles by using natural products and by avoiding toxic substances.  Fortunately the soil was never nuked by previous owners and the pasture has progressed over time to contain many diverse plants. 

Soil/pasture health is supported by application of lime, RPR, dolomite, sulphur, potassium, seaweed products and selected trace elements.  Sub-soiling was also carried out in the autumn. 

Don and Jeanette Wills
Phone: 06 375 8589
Location: Wairarapa

Animal health is supported by homeopathic drench and remedies, seaweed products and mineral/ vitamin supplements added to troughs or in blocks.  The homeopathic Clostridium remedy is the equivalent of the Ultravac 5 in 1 vaccine. We have noticed the seaweed mineral/vitamin products resolve metabolic problems.

Additional seeds have been oversown to add further diversity.

A quad driven spreader is used for the flat paddocks.  On the hill paddocks, a helicopter spreads most of the fertiliser and seeds, and a top dresser plane spreads the lime. 

Home grown large square bales of hay and baleage fed out in the manual movable round feeders supplement the grazed paddocks during the year. 

Most of the calves are horned, some are polled and some are scurred polled.  The calves are disbudded within 6 weeks by a vet injecting a pain killer before application of a gas torch. 

We are a closed herd with the exception of additional heifers from a pure bred Red Devon stud owners used to replace old culled cows.  Currently we use two breeding bulls from the Te Maewa stud.  At some stage we will need to replace the older breeding bull.  By operating a closed herd, we avoid issues with M.bovis.  Likewise we can transport yearlings less than 400kg in a cage on the Ute directly to the Buyer to avoid the possibility of M.bovis.

The stock are weighed regularly to record growth as per the Excel charts attached for the yearling bulls. Specific weights record birth weight and approximate 200 days. 

Current growth rates; late winter early spring; will be in the range of ½ to 1 kg/day, due to the extra sugar in the plants. 

Last year we sold 5 yearling bulls.

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