Red Devon

Members Section

Members can login to access member-only content. In this section a member can interrogate the Agricultural Breeding Research Institute (ABRI) database from the perspective of a specific animal, the heard of a particular breeder, or make a assessment of estimated breeding value (EBV) based on sire and dam.

One can access more information about the Association, including Council members and standard forms, which we try to keep to a minimum.

We share our regular newsletters on the public website. Prospective members might like to review these to get a sense of the activity and community supporting the Red Devon Association.

While we know a lot about Red Devon we do not presume we are the best source for all information, so provide a list of useful links where you can learn more from other experts, too.

Finally, there is information on how to become a new member, including what key content is provided to new members at joining.